Netanya Bushewsky

Artist & Writer

Netanya Bushewsky is an artist and copywriter living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta she moved here in 2014 and has been documenting the city ever since.


From sketching live events in the city to drawing people and coffee shops across town, her unique perspective has the ability to capture any moment and transform it into a living piece of art.


This past year, she completed a 21-day self portrait series to document and inspire self love. Now, she brings the same practice to you with #SelfLoveSketch, where you can get sketched in a thoughtful setting and fall in love with yourself. Because you're the best Valentine's anyone could ask for.


Book your Self Love Sketch
at the Mandala Market
Feb. 14/15 

Friday: 10-16:00 PM

Saturday: 11-19:00 PM

19 Mazal Arie St, Jaffa

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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