You've just returned from a lovely trip through Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam. You saw things you never thought you'd see. You experienced life with a new vigour only the Picasso Museum and a sip of cider from the South of France could inspire. But now you've returned. You're back in your regular neighborhood with your regular job. You walk down the street on a bright Friday morning and turn down an unfamiliar street. You spot a lovely cafe on the corner - soft music streaming from its open door. You walk inside - La vi en Rose - I'm back, you whisper. I'm back. 


Ink drawing on paper of La Reppublica Cafe in the charming streets of

Tel Aviv, Israel

Limited edition thick archival paper print, matte

30cm x 42cm 

La Reppublica



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    Tel Aviv, Israel

    © 2020 Netanya Bushewsky @DailysketchTLV #SelfLoveSketch