There's nothing like waking up to the sound of rain hitting your window sill. The one you sleep below, cozy in your down comforter and feather pillows. Your alarm goes off - the blaring sound wrecking your ear drums. You want to throw it against the wall, but you don't, because it's your phone - obviously. Oddly enough your 30 minutes early for work, so you walk to the cafe below your building. They let you in, because you live upstairs, even though they don't open for another 15 minutes. You order a cappucino to stay. The rain continues to pour - heavy drops smacking against the window pane. The sweet smell of fresh croissants wafting above. 


Ink drawing on paper of creamy cappucino at Lulu Cafe, Tel Aviv, Israel 

Limited edition thick archival paper print, matte

30cm x 42cm 

Lulu Cafe




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